My Eulogy/Prayer for Robin Williams

My Eulogy /Prayer of Gratitude for Robin Williams

Robin Williams was one of the most influential actors of my
childhood, if not the most. He was the stickler your parents were and
the loving nurturing parents they changed in to, demonstrated by his
role in the movie Hook. He was the father who got a second chance at
raising his children and being the father he knew he could be, in the
unforgettable Mrs. Doubtfire. He was the creative, energetic, and
vulnerable boy that was Jack, showing us that to embrace our strengths
and limitations is to love ourselves and be loved by others.

To say the least, Robin Williams was a storyteller, and did so in a
way that instilled a sense of hope. The takeaway from his movies were
often a flickering torch in the dark tunnel I’d sometimes find myself

The reality is, what he exuded did not always live within him. What
resided in him was no less than a fighting soul, living the constant
battle of not enough. He was a silent sufferer of the worst kind of
killer: disconnection.

For it is only in a state of being utterly and helplessly alone that
someone could end their own life. An inability to see an escape from
the hell that is their thoughts, the pain gets to be so much that the
idea of ending it seems the only way to stop the pain. I’ve been
there. I would bet many other people have, too.

So what is next for him? Well the person that he was is gone, and his
soul is released. With all the light and love from the Source, the
soul will examine it’s earthly experience, reflecting on choices made
with the power of Free Will, looks at relationships made, and
processes lessons learned.

The silver lining to this tragedy is founded in my belief of
reincarnation. The soul that inhabited Robin Williams will inevitably
choose to come to earth again. When committing to this adventure, he
will do so with the purest of intent for lessons to be learned in his
lifetime. He may even chart it out, picking out particular trials or
trying circumstances, to present his earthly self with the opportunity
to create and grow, (as is a goal of the earthly experience).

My prayer for him is this: I pray for his soul, upon returning to this
earth, to be nurtured and blessed, with an abundance of love and
light. I pray for his soul to have a strong connection to the source,
so that he may draw upon infinite strength, love, and wisdom to help
him triumph when faced with challenge. More than anything I pray that
when given the power of free will – the power to make choices founded
in either fear or love – that he choose love. When given the gift of
complete life freedom and the ability to manifest and create his
dreams, that he allow himself to dream big and nurture his best wishes
for his fellow humanity.
I pray for the blessed souls that will be the parents and guardians
upon his return to earth. I pray they intentionally and earnestly
care for, love, and grow his mind body and soul as best they can.

These are all things that the late Robin Williams seemed to have
accomplished in his life… But what his self-inflicted death tells
us is there was one thing he didn’t do once, and his journey has ended
because of it…he didn’t keep going.

Anyone who’s struggled with depression, suicidal ideology, chronic
illness, or obsessive compulsive disorder will tell you… When you’re
contemplating giving up – on any range of things from – fighting
debilitating fatigue to ending your life, that the outcome is because
you made a decision. You stopped looking for alternative solutions,
you made your mind out that that choice was the OnLY alternative. The
fear of something, whether it was the fear of failure, or the fear of
inaction, you made a choice and then took action. Only certain
actions happen unconsciously and ending your life is a very conscious
decision (unless your subconscious mind has become extremely ill and
therefor your sick subconscious is manifesting your ill health.). No
matter the case, the choice is made, to either fight for the life that
you want, or end it.

If I had to guess from his history of alcoholism, Robin Williams had
faced the choice of ending his life before, and decided against it.
He had decided that it was worth it to him to fight for his dreams and
passions. If I had to guess, it was his love for his fellow man that
drove him to fight so hard.

My prayer for him is that in his next lifetime, his body mind and
spirit be strengthened to that of Hercules. My prayer is that he face
his own mortality every day, and still remember that he is from the
stock of Supernatural. I pray that he view himself as a vehicle for
which to love, create, and grow in the name of Life and all that is
Beautiful. I pray that he find himself surrounded by love, and that
he always remember where he came from and why he chose to have This

With all the love in my heart, for everything you did for me and
countless other souls, for the amazing and beautiful fight you gave,
for your beautiful fight and the life you lived.



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I am a business owner, a student of human behavior, and on THE HERO'S JOURNEY to get home to my FAMILY!!! I know with the help of the MKMMA I will get there!
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3 Responses to My Eulogy/Prayer for Robin Williams

  1. SupernovaNovoa says:

    Beautifully stated.
    Thank you for writing/praying this.

  2. SupernovaNovoa says:

    Reblogged this on Why not?.

  3. Words fail me… thank you for being you and being on this journey too ❤

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