Get IN Control!

Painting: The Power of Intention

Most people know the feeling of failure.  The failure of not meetings goals can be heartbreaking for most, and depressing to many.  Ever since I was little I’ve set big goals for myself.  In my mid-20s, I’m finding that my huge goals lead to an anxiety that results in feeling so overwhelmed that I’m paralyzed.  They feel so insurmountable, that I give up before taking a step.  They feel so far away, the first step feels useless.  I feel so out of control!  Have you ever felt like this?  Though our goals may not look the same, I know you’ve felt that feeling before.  It’s usually over something you really want, something you dream about, something you think would happen in a perfect world.

This post will explain an activity that I use to help me regain a sense of control over negativity and fear.  It helps me to focus my thoughts on what I want, instead of allowing fears to race through and around my head.  I know that the way to experience well-being is to simply allow it.  In essence, this activity helps to shut out the noise of what’s not working.  It tells your inner critic to take a hike, while you relax and have some time with the one who knows you, the one who knows your heart, and the one who holds the key to your stream of well-being.

Painting The Power of Words

1.  Choose a word that is incredibly empowering to you, yet satisfying.  The word I chose is “torque”.  In mechanics it means – moment of force.  In machinery – the measured ability of a rotating element to overcome turning resistance.  I embody this word for my business.  The steps required to reach out to a perfect stranger and ask them if they want to benefit from the business opportunity…that requires some force for me.  Why?  I’m out of practice so it takes a lot of energy for me to think on my feet and run through all the different skills in my head, trying to figure out which one is the right one to say.  The company I work with is heading into momentum and I won’t be with them unless I start my personal momentum on my team (which I am doing by exercising torque).  I also embody this word on a spiritual level.  I know that there is an endless stream of well-being that I have endless access to.  If I’m not experiencing this well-being it is because I’m (instead) experiencing resistance.  Resistance comes from so many things, but usually is a form of some belief that’s engrained in your subconscious over your lifetime.  Resistance sounds like, “I’m not ____ enough.” I’m not smart enough, worthy enough, pretty enough, tough enough, etc.  I know that I’m perfect and loved, because I am not my physical being, I am my physical and my non-physical, I am the same as you, and I am the sun and the moon, the grass and the trees.  I’m everything and everything is me.  Because I want to release this resistance I have about being not enough, I’m going to focus on my unity with everything else.  I’ll do this by releasing resistance, utilizing torque.

2. Choose a large canvas, or as many small canvases as there are letters in your word.  I used six 1ft.x1ft. square canvases.

3. Choose colors of paint match the vibration that the word gives you.  If it’s a pick-me-up word, use your favorite bright colors.  I chose pink, orange, yellow, blue, purple, and of course Qivana green.

4. Create the space:  light candles, play soft music, situate everything you’ll need within arms length, and be ready to fully immerse yourself in the process.

You will first be painting a background before painting the word.  I chose to do a different color for each background of my separate canvases.

NOW for the FUN part:

As you begin painting…

Think about your word.  Allowing yourself to expand on each thought for as long as it keeps you in a state of well-being, use the following questions to guide your intention during the exercise.

What do you think of when you see this word? Why did you choose this word?  What special meaning does it have to you?  When did it first strike you as empowering? In what context was that?  What was the situation like?

Let the good thoughts flow.  Keep painting.

If you find it difficult to continue with a certain thought, or you hear negativity trying to creep back in, give gratitude.

“Thank you for giving me this time and space to collect my thoughts.”  “I’m so enjoying this experience of simply being.  Not of this world, but one with creation and growth.”  “Thank you for the gift of free will, the ability to choose my thoughts and use them intentionally with positivity.

As you’re giving gratitude, you’ll find it easier to accept the fact that you SHOULD have what you desire, and that the stream of well-being is there for you.  Focus on the rhythm of your brush stroke.  Just as each brushstroke changes the painting, it is the same with each breath you breathe in; you are more in allowance of well-being.   With each brushstroke, you are relaxed, and confident in your ability to handle any task.  Each brushstroke is only a single step.  You realize that just as each stroke adds to the bigger picture, so does each step in life.  You see how just as they flow easily and effortlessly, it is no different from steps you take toward goals in  your life.

I’m not worried about the outcome.  It will not be perfect.  It is not meant to be perfect.  It is only an expression of me, and where I am now.  I am here, in this space, a space of appreciation and faith.

5. Paint the background of the canvas, knowing that your word will be in BIG BOLD letters (whatever is aesthetically pleasing to you and fun is best).  There are no limits here.

As you complete your painting, bring the activity full circle with your intention.  “I’m almost done, and I’ve enjoyed this space of creation, and allowing.  I am fully immersed in allowing well-being to stream into my life, no holds barred.  The door is wide open and I know that each next step I take is only another one directed toward fulfillment.  I will hold on to this feeling of faith and allowance as I move forward throughout the day.  I don’t expect perfection.  Nor do I want it to be perfect.  It is merely another opportunity to grow, create, and love.



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I am a business owner, a student of human behavior, and on THE HERO'S JOURNEY to get home to my FAMILY!!! I know with the help of the MKMMA I will get there!
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