First Post On This Site

Testing…1 2 3.

While the idea of sharing my deepest and most personal thoughts scares me to death, I recently heard a phrase that reaffirmed what I knew to be true from my own experiences. It was, “the secrets we keep make us sick.” So despite the fear, I move forward.

In the past few years I’ve started to discover the empowering feeling of vulnerability. It was only in the past year or so I discovered it was the key ingredient to life. I mean, really living, not just surviving. Now I’ve taken it a step further, (as I always do), and I’ve decided to start my very own healing practice.

When I made that decision, I knew part of the deal would include talking about my experiences, which reveal some pretty dark, and sometimes deep thoughts. I am going to be, in essence, bearing my soul to my students. Holding nothing back, knowing that one thing unsaid could be THE tool that someone relates to and can use for themselves to improve their life.

Moving on, I had not fully owned that realization until today, so my past few attempts to brainstorm/draft my first blog post/content/ copy have essentially been me, spinning in circles, writing a bunch, but never really satisfied that I’ve said what I wanted to say.

My conclusion is this: it looks like there is a lot I want to say, on many different subjects, and I’d better start getting it out someway, somehow.

In a different world, I’d have all the answers to any questions that may arise before I start. But this is the real world, and reality has proved to me once again that the only way to live the way I want and help others is to take action. Henry Ford said it better when he offered, “You cannot build a reputation on what you are going to do.

With the intention of action, adventure and humility, and in the spirit of growth, I offer my first entry on what I’m doing here and why, and I’ll conclude it by saying this: it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

All my best,



About AliciasInnerBeauty

I am a business owner, a student of human behavior, and on THE HERO'S JOURNEY to get home to my FAMILY!!! I know with the help of the MKMMA I will get there!
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